The Musical Octave

 by Thomas Váczy Hightower. Profile

The Creation of Musical Scales, part I  
from a
mathematical and acoustic point of view, where the underlying laws of creating a musical scale will be investigated. 2002-9.

The Creation of Musical Scales, part II
will focus on the acoustic laws behind the musical scales on a global scale, and how numbers and
mathematics play a part in creation of the intervals in the octave. 2002 - 2009.

Basic acoustical laws

  The Sound of Silence   
where the law of octaves will be extended to the meta-physical properties of music and sound bringing into focus the strange behavior of the pendulum. Updated version of The Musical Octave, 2007.

The Sound of Silence, part II,
continue the exploration of the metaphysical aspects of music and sound. Updated version of The Musical Octave, 2007.

The Harmony of the Spheres
Since Pythagoras pronounced that concept many scholars has wondered what he meant. 2003

Music and Society
Does music shape the history and society? Is there a cycle of feminine & masculine influence? Signs of the fatherless, dream society, 2007.

Time is breath
Gurdjieff expressed that hint for his students and they began to elaborate. 2003.

Information Theory and Cybernetics
The mental aspect of living organism interaction with the world according to Bateson. 2004.

 Vortex energy
inter-dimensional "free" energy machines by some of the pioneers, 2000-8.

Additional notes
The One Voice Chord,the Tibetan tantric chanting and balancing the chakras. October 2000

The Power of Harmonics, and its effect on consciousness and health. October 2000 

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