Vortex energy entering other dimensions

     The strong economical interest in fossil energy production has most likely caused the elimination of any further development of real alternative energy. It is odd, that alternative energy in common is applied to old fashion energy sources such as wind and water. Real alternative energy studies are abandoned by the scientific communities either by lack of funding but most likely by the fear of being the laughing stock.
The following is a very brief introduction to some of the "crazy" pioneers in vortex energy, Additionaly, an attemt to give some theories behind those experiments, that precent science deneied as possible. Kaluza's unifieded 5th dimentional unifide theory, ZeorPointEnergy, Tesla's bifilar coils and scalar waves
Already in the 19th. Century, Michael Faraday made some remarkable but little known discoveries in regard to spinning magnets. Faradays discovery was simple, but totally revolutionary. If a bar magnet is set spinning, the differential in velocity, down the radius, of each turning magnetic element, sets up a magnetic
vortex. This effect is more pronounced with a series of bar magnets radiating from a central spinning hub, or a spinning, magnetic disc.

At a certain threshold of angular velocity, the magnetic vortex sets up an inter-dimensional energy portal through a vortex resonance.

This simple arrangement is the operating principle of most "free energy" machines.
In the 20th. Century a number of inventors, including Bruce de Palma and Adam Trombly, had worked with N-machines or Uni-polar generators.

In the early 1930’s in Austria, Victor Schauberger, e.g. fabricated conical pipes of special materials, which contained a corkscrew turbine. Operated by an electric motor, the spiral turbines screwed water into a vortex flow and directed the water onto a conventional water turbine coupled to a generator.
Schauberger claimed, that as the water was screwed faster and faster, it suddenly began to produce enormous amounts of energy. Coupled to a dynamo, the turbine began to produce more electricity than the input motor was consuming. The system quickly went out of control as the apparatus tore itself away from its mountings and smashed itself against the ceiling.
When Schauberger experimented with air turbines, he found the same thing happened. Regardless of the medium, vortex motion seemed to generate energy, apparently out of nowhere, and also produced a powerful anti-gravity force.

John R. Searl, a British electrical engineer, had similar experiences in the beginning of the 1950`s. He constructed an arrangement of spinning discs to generate and spin an electric charge. His apparatus consisted of a segmented rotor disc, which was set spinning at great speed through electromagnets at its periphery. The electromagnets, energized from the rotor, were intended to boost the electro-motive force. The generator was about one meter in diameter.
To begin with, it produced the expected electric power, but at an unexpectedly high voltage. This quickly exceeded a million volts producing a crackling sound and the smell of ozone.

In Searl’s own words: "Once the machine has passed a certain threshold of potential, the energy output exceeded the input. From then on the energy output seemed to be virtually limitless".
Then something really spectacular happened. As the generator continued to increase in potential, it lifted off the ground and broke free of its mountings and the engine. It floated in the air, all the time spinning faster and faster. The air around it glowed pink with ionization and nearby radio receivers were switched on spontaneously due to electromagnetic induction. Then the apparatus accelerated off into space and was never seen again.

An American inventor, Joseph Newman, has also found that "free energy" could be obtained from vortex motion by electromagnetic fields spinning. Like other vortex generators, Newman’s apparatus appeared to produce energy out of nowhere – at least from the known dimensions, yet his version did not go out of control.
Different physicists had tested his device and confirmed, that the input power in the test was 7 and 14 Watts yielding efficiencies of 700% and 1400% respectively.
In 1987 Newman had his generator operating as the engine of a car built on a Porsche chassis. Started by a battery the car ran without any input of fuel at high speed. However, the American Patent Office refused to grant him a patent for his invention on the grounds that it was, to all intents and purposes, a perpetual motion machine, and herby not possible! Consequently the commercial development of his engine was effectively blocked.

When Trombly attempted to patent his uni polar generator, the U.S. Patent Office turned him down on similar grounds. Nonetheless, the U.S. Defense authorities took a court order against him and threatened him with a 10 years imprisonment for infringing secret government research into uni-polar generators.

Similar obstacles happened to Schauberger vortex turbines. After W.W.II the Allies thoroughly discouraged him by putting him in protective custody, and destroying his apparatus and papers. The American authorities forbade him to resume his research under threat of re-arrest.

The British authorities treated Searl in much the same way.
Other similar experiments have been opposed, ignored or ridiculed by the university establishments. If being labeled as a pseudo-scientist did not stop further research,  prosecution and "accidents" in the lab did the job.

The following is an attempt to produce a theoretical background for real alternative energy devices:

A twist on locality

First I will give an example from the quantum mechanics, that made a strong impression on me, when I read about it some decades ago. It was about  Bell's theorem from 1964. He proved, that the results predicted by quantum mechanics could not be explained by any theory, which preserved locality.
It was a severe blow to the basic of science and Einstein's principle of Relativity since Bell demonstrated, that on the quantum level locality does not exist. Either particles are aware of each another beyond the speed of light, or they are connected beyond the local event in the huge space. 
Of cause a lots of experiments in the late twentieth Century were done by experimental physicists, and the predictions of quantum mechanics proved to be accurate.
Though I am not a physicist I can see the significance of the under laying reality in some way is connected beyond our physical world in a higher dimentional space.

The fifth dimension

In this portion I have to lean on a recent published (2006) book  by Dr. Willy De Maeyer & Dr. Gabriele Breyer, called "Tools of Awareness", covering in depth all the subjects and more, than I have been writing about in thise pages. It is the most comprehensible book on thise matters, I have read. Here I will give a taste of higher dimensions application in physics.

Already in 1921, the Polish mathematician Theodor Kaluza combined electromagnetism and gravitation as a unified theory. Kaluza added a fifth (spatial) dimension to Minkowski's 4D-space, and applied Einstein's relativity theory to the 5th. dimensions.
A common 5-d potential is responsible for
both electromagnetic field and gravitational field. The "bleed-off of this 5-potential in the 5th dimension into our 3 space world, is the well knowen electromagnetic force field (which is wrapped around each point in our 3-space). This is our common electric power.
The gravitational force field in the 5 dimension "bleed-off" very weak - by a smaller factor of 1042 for electrons- in and through our 3-space, according to Col. Tom Bearden.
This tiny "bleed-off" gravitational force field is not recognized by the scientific establishment.

Scalar wave - higher dimensional influx?

Since I read about Scalar waves on the Internet a decade ago, I was unable to figure out what this officially non existing waves was about. It is first after reading "Tools of Awareness" (2006), I began to get the notion of the basic idea, though as a layman I do not understand the scientific underlying arguments.
It is the attempt to explain the disturbing evidence and experiments since Tesla demonstrated the ability to tap into energy beyond the fundamental law of the energy equilibrium.
Too many "crazy" scientists have since demonstrated energy producing devices, that yield
more energy, than is available in the system. So called over unity, or free energy devices. But what if they are tapping into higher dimensional realms?

Bifilar coils

Bifilar coils (with opposing windings) are extremely interesting devices. These types of coils, when powered do not create an external magnetic field. Their construction is similar to that of a normal solenoid, but each turn of the coil carries the current in opposite directions.
The opposing currents create an overall canceling effect, thus no major external field is produced. A bifilar coil will produce almost no inductance to a changing, or AC current. This makes them useful for creating non-inductive wire wound resistors.
Scalar theory suggests, that this type of coil produces scalar waves, but as the standard model of physics does not accept scalar waves as a valid theory, traditional physics is really in big trouble by giving an acceptable explanation for it.
Therefore, bifilar coils are often mentioned along side so called over unity, or free energy devices.

This is because the vacuum fluctuations, or Zero Point Energy are like cancelled vibrations with a massive energy density, and are seen as scalar waves. Standard scientific theory tells us that the entropy (disorder) of a closed system always increases and therefore no useful energy should be able to be extracted from the vacuum.
Traditional physics is really in big trouble by giving an acceptable explanation for it. Therefore, bifilar coils are often mentioned along side so called over unity, or free energy devices.

Tesla's bifilar coil

The image shows a patent by Nikola Tesla for a type of bifilar coil. In this configuration the two wires are wound the same way and then connected in series so that the current flows in the same direction. This allows the magnetic field to combine to produce a larger overall field.
In the meantime Prof. Dr Meyl has been able to construct such a device with stunning results. Test devices as well as advanced demonstration systems are now available.
Officially, the longitudinal electric Tesla waves, electrostatic energy flow and electro dynamical over unity devices, are nonexistent.

A Tesla wave is a longitudinal electro-scalar wave. Other theorists claim that Tesla's longitudinal wave is a longitudinal magnetic wave, but this is not how Nikola Tesla described the longitudinal wave phenomenon. Also the Russian scientist Ignatiev back engineered Tesla's energy transmitter as a transmitter of longitudinal electric waves without magnetic field component.

The alteration of Maxwell's genius equations

There is a long story about the scientists in-ability to comprehend the genius of James Clerk Maxwell's equations of electrodynamics. Firstly Maxwell was very modest, when he published his electro-magnetic theory in the second half of the 19th Century. Secondly, the equations was difficult to understand and there was no experiments to confirm the theory.
After Maxwell's death a single man - Oliver Heavside - directly altered Maxwell's equations eliminating
localized electro-gravitation and producing the form of the theory taught throughout the West today as "Maxwell's theory."

Electromagnetic field and gravitational field were then modelled and regarded as mutually exclusive. Electromagnetic fields, therefore, were thought to produce no specific gravitational effects in the vacuum itself.
In his numerous publications, Tom Bearden makes clear, that the
Soviet scientists on the contrary did assume the possibility of local space-time curvature. This is particularly ironic since the basis for just such an experimental theory was produced by Maxwell himself in his original theory of electromagnetism.

However it should be kept in mind, that when Einstein wrote his general theory of relativity, he probably did not know, that the original work of Maxwell already indicated the unification of gravitation and electromagnetism, and indicated the ease with which local space-time could be electro-gravitationally curved locally and engineered.

Because of Einstein's limiting assumption of no local space-time curvature, it has been assumed by the Western scientists, that direct experimentation with general relativity in the lab could not be possibly done.
On the astronomical scale the general theory of relativity was soon proved to be as predicted.
John Wheeler summed Einstein's equations up as: "Space tells bodies how to move, and bodies tell space how to curve".

Quantum electrodynamics and Zero-Point-Energy

Again I have to draw on Dr. De Maeyer & Dr. Breyer's book, "Tools of Awareness", which has a goldmine of informations and reference about scientific theories, that unlock hidden sources of energy.
Before quantum mechanics was generally accepted, classical physicists rejected the existence of the ether and considered the vacuum of space to be truly empty. From quantum mechanics arose a mathematical term in the description of the ground state of any oscillating system called the zero-point energy. (The term "zero-point" refers to zero degrees Kelvin, which means this energy exists even in the absence of all heat!).
If we calculate the lowest possible energy of a harmonic oscillator, we get a bigger answer, when we use quantum mechanics, than when we use classical mechanics. The difference is called the "zero-point energy".

Quantum physics and astronomy are often working on the same problem. In these years "the dark matter" or "dark" energy is a serious problem for astronomers, and some of them are using vacuum-energy theory to explain the presents of most of matter and energy in the universe can not be seen. The accelerate expanding universe creates growing vacuum, and adding up the minute energy in vacuum to universal proportion, could make up the missing 9/10 of the energy in the universe.

When Dirac in the 1930's showed, how electron-positron pair production could arise from the vacuum fluctuations, quantum electrodynamics was born. The Heisenberg uncertainty principle allowed quantum mechanical systems to "borrow" this energy for short periods of time. The ether came back in science, this time not as a material substance, but rather as a randomly fluctuating energy.
Since I do not understand electrodynamics laws, I will just state, that quantum mechanical effects arise from matter's interaction with ZeroPointEnergy, and the energy density of the ZPE at each point in space should be infinite!
In "Tools of Awareness" there is an account of different ways to calculate ZPE, working with small wavelengths of Planck's constant, where the outcome vary between infinite and huge definitive energy.

Science has not yet been able to tap into zero-point-energy. Some pioneers has however made experiments with wortx energy, that produced uncontrolled energy release way over the amount of the energy input. This is a violation of the known law of energy equilibrium.
It is odd, that no prestige or money has been granted to further explorations. On the contrary, the pioneers was prosecuted and their labs was destroyed.
However, in the begining of this Century, the increasing demand for energy has raised the price of oil, so it has begone to be ecconomical interesting to develope non fosil energy.

"Wormholes" and "quantum foam"

John Wheeler applied the theory of general relativity to the ZPE to create a natural cut off in his theory of geo-metro dynamics. In general relativity, the texture of space curves as a function of the energy density. When the density becomes sufficiently great, space pinches like it's forming a black hole.
This gives rise to the formation of hyperspace structures, that Wheeler called "wormholes."

The resulting view is, that the fabric of space consists of constantly forming and annihilating pairs of microscopic "mini" black holes and white holes, which channel electric flux into and out of our three dimensional space. These mini holes manifest dynamics which could be modelled as turbulent, virtual plasma, that Wheeler calls the "quantum foam." In this view the elementary particles are like bubbles or vortices arising from the dynamics of the vacuum energy.
At first sight it seems to be impossible to tap this energy, since it is extremely difficult experimentally to observe its existence.

However, the theories of quantum electrodynamics indicate, that all of the elementary particles are dynamically interacting with the ZPE resulting in vacuum polarization. In particular, quantum electrodynamics shows, that the different elementary particles polarize the vacuum differently.
If this is true, it offers virtually limitless energy. It can best be supported by noting that there are interpretations of quantum mechanics and relativity theory, which imply the existence of a physically real, higher dimensional space, and the notion of super space is well discussed in the physics literature.
How the other conditions could be fulfilled as well, can be understood by modelling the ZPE as virtual plasma. Like plasma, it is nonlinear in its dynamical behaviour; it may be driven off of equilibrium by the abrupt motion of nuclei, and it might well be sustained by an energy flux intersecting our 3 dimensional space from a higher dimensional, super space.

Extended dimensions

In 1919, the Polish mathematician Theodor Kaluza proposed, that the existence of a fourth spatial dimension might allow the linking of general relativity and electromagnetic theory. The idea, later refined by the Swedish mathematician Oskar Klein, was that space consisted of both extended and curled-up dimensions. The extended dimensions are the three spatial dimensions that we're familiar with, and the curled-up dimension is found deep within the extended dimensions and can be thought of as a circle.

Experiments later showed that Kaluza and Klein's curled-up dimension did not unite general relativity and electromagnetic theory as originally hoped, but decades later, string theorists found the idea useful, even necessary.

The mathematics used in superstring theory requires at least 10 dimensions. That is, for the equations that describe superstring theory to begin to work out— for the equations to connect general relativity to quantum mechanics, to explain the nature of particles, to unify forces, and so on — they need to make use of additional dimensions. These dimensions, string theorists believe, are wrapped up in the curled-up space first described by Kaluza and Klein.

SuperString theory - the 10+ dimensions

In string theory, the elementary particles we observe in particle accelerators could be thought of as the "musical notes" or excitation modes of elementary strings.
As in guitar playing, the string must be stretched under tension in order to become excited. However, the strings in string theory are floating in space time, they aren't tied down to a guitar. Nonetheless, they have tension. The string tension in string theory is denoted by the quantity 1/(2 p a'), where a' is pronounced "alpha prime" and is equal to the square of the string length scale.

If string theory is to be a theory of quantum gravity, then the average size of a string should be somewhere near the length scale of quantum gravity, called the Planck length, which is about 1033 centimeters, or about a millionth of a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a centimeter.

Unfortunately, this means that strings are way too small to see by current or expected particle physics technology (or financing!!) and so string theorists must devise more clever methods to test the theory than just looking for little strings in particle experiments.
String theories are classified according to whether or not the strings are required to be closed loops, and whether or not the particle spectrum includes fermions. In order to include fermions in string theory, there must be a special kind of symmetry called super symmetry, which means for every boson (particle that transmits a force) there is a corresponding fermion (particle that makes up matter). Super symmetry relates the particles that transmit forces to the particles that make up matter.

Super symmetric partners to currently known particles have not been observed in particle experiments, but theorists believe this is because super symmetric particles are too massive to be detected at current accelerators. Particle accelerators could be on the verge of finding evidence for high energy super symmetry in the next decade. Evidence for super symmetry at high energy would be compelling evidence that string theory was a good mathematical model for Nature at the smallest distance scales.

If superstring theory turns out to be correct, the idea of a world consisting of 10 or more dimensions is one that we'll need to become comfortable with. But will there ever be an explanation or a visual representation of higher dimensions that will truly satisfy the human mind?
The answer to this question may forever be no.

The reason I trouble you with quantum theories, is just to point out the existents of a multi-dimensional world.
However, it is not new. Indigenous people from ancient time did not have doubt about higher dimensions. They lived accordinly to its exsistens, and shamen and medicine men showed them its magic.

Thomas Hightower, 1998-2009.


"Tools of Awareness", by Dr. Willy de Maeyer & Dr. Gabriele Breyer. A compelling account about vibratory phenomena and cosmic energy.

Books by David Ash: "Activation for Ascension", 1995, Kima Global Publishers.
                                "The Vortex: Key to Future Science" , with Peter Hewitt (Gateway).
                                 "The Tower of Truth", (Camspress).

David Ash is a science graduate of London University. He is a fine example of "spiritual" scientist, who try to incorporate the spiritual realm into modern science. He is a writer and travels the world presenting his view in an endearing humors and inspiring way. In 1995 I followed his lecture about Ascension in Denmark. 

"The Hunt for Zero Point", Inside the classified world of antigravity technology by Nick Cook. 2001.

Books by Preston B. Nichols with Peter Moon: "The Montauk Project", vol. 1 - 4.

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