Higher Vibrations

In these days of New Age terminology the expression "higher frequencies" is used to cover something of spiritual matters. That expression can be misleading. A cellular body that is transformed into higher frequencies will be roasted as a steak in a microwave oven unless the frame of reference applies to a molecular or electronic body.

It makes more sense to refer to a "higher velocity" or a higher speed in the nervous system.

Referring to the narrow bandwidth of our ordinary consciousness it makes good sense to presume that higher consciousness has something to do with the higher speeds of information, or wider bandwidth.

An example from everyday life: in the moment of direct, actual danger we have experienced how time slows down. Numerous records of people having near death experiences reveal how extremely fast it is possible to experience perceptions, giving the impression of a heightened consciousness.

 At the other end of the scale, in deep meditation, a similar experience has been described. José Argüelles has, in "A Treatise on Time Viewed from Its Own Dimension" a description of watching the flow of thoughts with panoramic view, an awareness of time within non-conceptual space:
"With practice one can begin to see the current of thoughts and the ego attachments and recognize that no thought is more or less important than any other. One can come to distinguish that there is actually "space" between thoughts. This space between thoughts is the original unobstructed nature of mind. To experience this space is to taste the essence of now-ness. In the space of now there is no history, no ordinary time, no ego, no beginning and no end. Because one learns to see without concepts, cultivating this space is called cultivating clear seeing."

I have experienced such states, though it took many years to realize it, because the spaces and what is within them are not words.

 In view of the theory of subjective time quantum, the 16 bits/sec, one could suggest that in altered states of mind the speed of consciousness has entered into another octave or another world.

 One thing I have realized about consciousness is its connection with being and reality. It might seem obvious but one can not change one’s consciousness without having one’s being changed and hereby one's reality altered. The concept of reality is to my understanding not solid but is modified and altered by the level of one’s consciousness. The phrase "Your being attracts your life" has puzzled me for decades until I had the understanding of how attached ones whole thought patterns are connected to ones reality.

Thomas Hightower 2001.


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