Baird Spalding writes about thoughts in "Life and teaching of the masters of the Far East":

"Thought is the most potent of any radiation because it has control over the vibratory field of electro magnetism. It operates through the Ether, an accent word of a medium unknown to man. But thought in this sense does not "travel" for thought is omnipresent. It is already there, no matter to what point you refer. It is the impingement of thought upon the electrons that causes thought to appear to move. Mind is the motivating element, thought moving concurrently with mind and in striking upon the electrons produces all movement in the plane of manifest substances.

The so-called power of thought is actually not the power of thought. Thought is only a conveyor of power. Power is in Spirit and thought conveys or carries power only to the extent that it conforms to the standards and purposes moving in Spirit.

Man is an integral part of infinite Space and not an isolated being among isolated forms. "By one spirit are we baptized into one body."

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